Birchfall.warriorBirchfall is a light tabby tom, and dark amber eyes.


In the New Prophecy Series EditEdit

Midnight EditEdit

Birchkit is first seen as a newborn kit. He and his siblings, Larchkit and Hollykit, are born to Dustpelt and Ferncloud. Out of his siblings, he seems to be the most daring and adventurous. When Ferncloud tells her kits about Ravenpaw and that he lives at the farm, Birchkit asks if they could go there.

Moonrise EditEdit

Birchkit is not seen nor mentioned in this book. But his sister, Larchkit, dies of starvation because of the Twoleg monsters tearing up ThunderClan's territory.

Dawn EditEdit

Birchkit's other sister, Hollykit, dies of the starvation. After Hollykit's death, Cody, a kittypet that escaped with Leafpaw when they were caught by the construction workers, helps to take care of him, feeding him and playing with him while she stays in ThunderClan.
When Leafpaw gives him travelling herbs, he spits them out and complains to Ferncloud that it tastes like crowfood, and she replies back by saying that he's never eaten crowfood before. Leafpaw is amused by this.
During the Great Journey, he makes it known that he misses Cody, asking why she had to leave. He survived the Great Journey as the only kit in ThunderClan.

Starlight EditEdit

Birchkit first appeared alongside three ShadowClan kits, Toadkit, Applekit and Marshkit, with whom he was friends. When the Clans go to their new territories, Birchkit, along with the three ShadowClan kits, don't want to leave because of their friendship. But Birchkit later has to leave and sadly says goodbye.
Later on, he attempts to catch a robin, and almost falls over the edge of the quarry to his death, but is rescued by his father and Brambleclaw.

Twilight EditEdit

Birchkit becomes the first kit to become an apprentice in ThunderClan's new territory beside the lake. Ashfur, who is also his uncle, becomes his mentor. Whitepaw, the only other apprentice, happily helps him with apprentice duties, and they both ask to train together.

Sunset EditEdit

Birchpaw and Whitepaw grow close to each other, being the only two apprentices in ThunderClan.
Birchpaw is sent out on an assessment by Ashfur, his mentor. Later, Ashfur sends Birchpaw to tell Firestar that Blackstar was waiting on ThunderClan territory, but this ended up being a trap for the ThunderClan leader.

In the Power of Three Series EditEdit

The Sight EditEdit

Now a warrior, Birchfall has whitecough along with Brackenfur, but they both soon recover and go back to warrior duties. When Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw are being made apprentices, Brambleclaw sits next to Birchfall. Hollypaw wonders if this is because Birchfall will be one of her or her siblings' mentors, but it turns out that he isn't.

Dark River EditEdit

Birchfall is seen on guard duty when Lionpaw and Jaypaw go to look at an unusual stick by the lake. He tries to be wise and all-knowing, but is still a young warrior. Earlier, Jaypaw had pulled a thorn out of his paw, causing him to complain heavily.

Outcast EditEdit

He is mostly seen spending time with the newly-named Berrynose. After Whitewing is named Icepaw's mentor, Birchfall sulks, angrily wondering why Firestar picked Whitewing instead of him. He says that he'd do just as good of a job as her at mentoring, but Sandstorm rebukes him. She reminds him that Whitewing is older than him, and that she could have been made a warrior earlier, but put it off so he didn't have to be the only apprentice. He is still angry, and walks away with Berrynose, their heads close together. Hollypaw wonders what got into him, because he used to be great fun, but now he was being as annoying as Berrynose!
Soon afterwards, Firestar and his patrol find Birchfall and Berrynose in a fight with ShadowClan. They had gone hunting after the ceremony and had chased some prey into ShadowClan territory. Birchfall seems truly ashamed, and honestly apologizes to both Blackstar and Firestar. He and Berrynose are later seen back on apprentice duties as punishment.
When talking about the Great Journey, Birchfall mentions his ShadowClan friends, Applekit, Toadkit and Marshkit, and wistfully wonders what happened to them. Berrynose replies, saying that they can't be friends with ShadowClan. Lionpaw thought that he could see jealousy in Berrynose's eyes. Then, when Lionpaw and Brambleclaw go to the ShadowClan camp to ask Tawnypelt if she would go to help the Tribe of Rushing Water Lionpaw sees Toadfoot and asks him if remembered Birchfall and Toadfoot said they were not friends anymore and he never wanted to talk to Birchfall again.

Eclipse EditEdit

It is revealed that Birchfall and Whitewing were spending more time together and sharing tongues often, after Cinderpaw was gossiping with Hollypaw.

Long Shadows EditEdit

Whitewing was noted to be getting plump, with Birchfall circling around her proudly, indicating that Whitewing was pregnant with his kits. He comforts her after the death of Ashfur, reminding her of the kits she would bear soon.

Sunrise EditEdit

Birchfall is chosen to go on the journey to find Sol, a loner who might have murdered Ashfur. He almost dies twice and is worried about never seeing Whitewing and his unborn kits. While at the sun-drown place, he nearly drowns, but is saved. On the way back, he finds sheep wool and brings some to camp for Whitewing and his kits. At the end of the book, he has two daughters, Dovekit and Ivykit, of whom he is immensly proud.

In the Omen of the Stars Series EditEdit

The Fourth Apprentice EditEdit

After a six moon time lapse, his two kits – Dovekit and Ivykit – are now six moons old and ready to be apprenticed. He brings them out of the nursery over to the waiting Clan for their ceremony. When Lionblaze speaks of how great Dovepaw is doing in hunting, Birchfall purrs in approval and tells her that she is doing well. Later, when he hears that she has been making up tales of where the water has gone, he chastens her for it by telling her to stop bothering the warriors and apologize to them. He then attends the next Gathering, and comments on how weak Leopardstar looks, as if she were dead.

Fading Echoes EditEdit

In the warriors' practice battle, he is stopped by his own daughter, Ivypaw, when she uses one of Hawkfrost's techniques. When it is over, he and Dustpelt are still fighting, and seem to enjoy it. Birchfall compliments Ivypaw on her fighting skill, saying that they were good moves, for an apprentice.

In the Field Guide Series EditEdit

Battles of the Clans EditEdit

In the battle against the badgers, Birchpaw is trying to climb up the cliff face to escape from a badger, with Whitepaw shouting encouragement. However, his paw slips and he slides back down. He manages to get under a small crevice in the cliff to avoid the badger temporarily, and Whitepaw distracts it so he can get away. He escapes from the crevice and, although terribly wounded, manages to get away to a safe place with his mother Ferncloud.

Trivia EditEdit

  • Birchfall has been mistakenly described as having gray fur.[3]
  • Birchfall has been mistakenly described as tawny.[4]

Members EditEdit


Whitewing:[5] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Dovepaw:[6] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Ivypaw:[7] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Dustpelt:[8] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Ferncloud:[9] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Ashfur:[10] Deceased, Residence Unknown
Two Unnamed Kits:[11] Deceased, Suspected StarClan members
Unidentified Kits:[12] Status Unknown
Ravenpaw:[13] Status Unknown


Hollykit:[14] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Larchkit:[15] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Icecloud:[16] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Foxleap:[17] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Shrewpaw:[18] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Spiderleg:[19] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Brindleface:[20] Deceased,Verified StarClan member


Rosepetal:[21] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Toadstep:[22] Living (As of Fading Echoes)


Robinwing:[23] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member


Fuzzypelt:[24] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Great Aunt:

Frostfur:[25] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member


Cinderpelt:[26] Deceased, reincarnated as Cinderheart
Brackenfur:[27] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Brightheart:[28] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Thornclaw:[29] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Molepaw:[30] Deceased, Suspected StarClan member
Honeyfern:[31] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Poppyfrost:[32] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Cinderheart:[33] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Molekit:[34] Living (As of Fading Echoes)
Cherrykit:[35] Living (As of Fading Echoes)