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Welcome all!


Please don't put "I think" or "Maybe they" because it tells us you really don't know about the character.


Please put images that you want to put up for characters in the talk page of project charart so it can be reviewed and accepted


Please state where this happened, and page numbers of quotes.

No made up characters!

Please don't put made up characters in pages. Do it in your user page.

This week's cat!Edit

This section shows pages that are perfect and that don't really need edits. This week's choice is Firestar! Starclan have shown their wisdom, and have choosen Firestar's page this week! Thanxz to all the writers that made this page possible. And remember to check all pages and make them correct if they aren't. Also, message Moonstream98 if you want to sign up a page to be reviewed. Moonstream98 will decide on the top 2 pages. Then there will be a poll, among Moonstream98's admin's and project leaders. So, the poll will not be tampered. This week's poll was of Firestar or Leafpool. And now you know who won. Congrat's Firestar! Firestar will be replaced on Friday . So there is plenty of time to sign up pages. If you want to sign up a page, go to Sign up page and sign up there! And there will also be history of cats so there won't be any second chances! And to be fair, no cheating. Thanxz!Moonstream98 23:17, January 28, 2011 (UTC)


Thunder and Shadow have released!

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